Bluedio Hi TWS - Enjoy Every Frame of Sound in Your Ears

Bluedio Hi TWS - Enjoy Every Frame of Sound in Your Ears

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Bluedio Hi breaks the bondage of traditional integrated wires, separates left and right earphones, turns single design into double design. One key used to connect with the Bluetooth makes it possible to experience music synchronously in both ears and HD calling enjoyment. It is born small and convenient, but it has the shocking power, which will conquer your ears.

Product Features:
â—Ź Built-in touch sensor chip, intelligently senses the wearing status. Remove/put on the headset, music stops/plays again automatically.
â—Ź With two high-definition call receivers for stabilized calling quality.
â—Ź Supports advanced audio coding technology, effectively separating voices from musical instruments, providing the diversity of music types.
â—Ź Three high-precision protective chips, three pure lead high-performance A-level batteries, a low-loss boost chip, and high-strength shell, multiple escorts ensure energy efficiency and durability.
â—Ź Portable, easy to store, dirty-resistant with 600mAh large capacity charging box which brings long endurance.

Bluedio Hi is ture lightweight, ture wireless, ture stability and ture HD, gives you a happiness and pleasing enjoyment without restriction:

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