Lenovo B613 Recording Pen - What You Hear Is What You Get

Lenovo B613 Recording Pen - What You Hear Is What You Get

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Lenovo B613 recording pen is equipped with a high-definition microphone, high sensitively recordes all sounds without any reservations. The saved files are lossless HD audio, just like what you hear with your own ears. Recording starts when sound is detected, and turns off recording when there is no sound, saving memory and power. There is no light and no sound during recording, and the file generation time and end time are recorded, which is convenient for browsing and finding files.

Product Features:
â—Ź Full Aluminum Housing
Aluminum material is durable and high quality, one button to record, unique and fashionable design.

â—Ź 0.9 inch Display
Shows real time recording state, clear recording time and file name.

â—Ź Superior Sound Quality
Records 1536Kbps crystal clear voice with noise cancelling technology, perfect for class, lectures, meetings, interviews, court sessions and more.

â—Ź Voice Activated Recording
Starts recording automatically when sound is detected, you can also set it to start recording at a specified time.

â—Ź Long Working Time
Built in 8GB internal flash memory and rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of continuous recording and 20 hours of playback via the integrated MP3 music player.

â—Ź Easy File Management
Recorded files are saved with timestamp, easy for you to manage recorded files, you can also connect it to your PC via the provided USB cable to manage audio recordings or MP3 files.

â—Ź A-B Repeat Mode
Mark A, B in a recording being played and the file repeats from the 'A' mark to the 'B' mark.

â—Ź Intelligent Power Detection
When the power is off or low voltage, the recording files are automatically saved to ensure them are safe.

â—Ź A Few More Extras
Foolproof design, REC key to start and save the recording, auto recording, record monitoring, fast forward and rewind during playback, lock to avoid misoperations.

A variety of functional configurations give you more extraordinary, multiple scenarios help you complete your work and study: https://gearvita.com/lenovo-b613-micro- ... en-8g.html

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