QCY A3 Wireless Earbud - Bluetooth 5.0, DSP Noise Canceling

QCY A3 Wireless Earbud - Bluetooth 5.0, DSP Noise Canceling

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QCY A3 features the new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, considerable reduction in operation consumption. It supports deep noise reduction technology, ambient noise compensation, with the ability to communicate clearly voice. A single linear structure of the small fuselage, portable, with soft earplug, espousing the shape of the ear, wear a natural comfort. Release your hands at work and focus more on safety while driving.

Product Features:
â—Ź Bluetooth V5.0, without cable disasters.
â—Ź 5 hours of music time, 180 hours of standby time.
â—Ź Surround sound effect, clear and high quality.
â—Ź Ergonomic design, comfortable wear, ensures your free movement.
â—Ź Noise canceling to filter out background noise for clear voice and enjoyable communication.
â—Ź High precision driver, brings vivid sound field, sound clarity.
â—Ź Long press the button to wake up Siri, Google Assistant, Xiao Ai and other mainstream voice assistants.

QCY A3 comes with high-value business style, fine nanometer anti-fouling material and hand paint spraying process, creates a smooth and delicate touch with effective anti-fouling and scratch resistance properties, priced at only $10.99: https://gearvita.com/qcy-a3-wireless-single-earbud.html

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