QCY T2S TWS Earphones: QCY's First Wireless Charging Support

QCY T2S TWS Earphones: QCY's First Wireless Charging Support

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QCY T2S has wireless charging function and can be charged simply by putting the charging box on a wireless charging device without connecting with a confusing wire, it also supports conventional wired charging. T2S uses the Realtek chipset and Bluetooth 5.0, the communication speed and communication range have been dramatically improved.

Product Features:
â—Ź Bluetooth 5.0 with fully automatic connectivity, binaural call, 50% power saving, and stable connectivity.
â—Ź Magnetic safety technology ensures the earbuds not be lost.
â—Ź Automatically power on and pair when removed from the charging box, automatically turn off when returned to the charging box.
â—Ź CVC6.0 noise canceling technology realizes high definition call.
â—Ź Can be used in pair for stereo mode or be used alone for single mono mode.
â—Ź Single earbud weighs only 4.6g, comfortable and stable wearing.
â—Ź 800mAh charging box provides 8 times full charge for both earbuds.
â—Ź Charging box supports both wireless QI charging and conventional wired charging.
â—Ź One button to to control voice assistant, play/stop, song forward/back, reply/reject call, voice switching and mute function.

QCY T2S creates real stereo sound effect, gives you an impression of space, to feel the music as you are in the Central Hall. It supports SBC + AAC music decoding technology, restores the original dynamics of music without losing every detail of music: https://gearvita.com/qcy-t2s-tws-true-w ... hones.html

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