Meizu EP2C Type-C Earphone: Makes Music Integrated into Life

Meizu EP2C Type-C Earphone: Makes Music Integrated into Life

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The appearance of Meizu EP2C adopts a new one-piece streamlined design with distinct ridge lines and a straight arc to the root of the earmuffs, freeing the rigid shape of the straight line. Moreover, the new curve design not only facilitates the space creation of the cavity and the guiding of the sound into the ear, but also is comfortable to wear and fits the auricle. In terms of interface, Meizu EP2C uses the Type-C interface to support forward and reverse plugging.

Product Features:
â—Ź The external cavity is made of PC + ABS, and the part that enters the ear is made of highly elastic rubber, which is soft and comfortable.
â—Ź The appearance is shiny and smooth, as well as wear-resistant and stain resistant.
â—Ź Built-in 14mm double synthetic membrane, a horn diaphragm made of ultrathin bio-fibrous paper film, and a hemming film made of material compatible with TPU.
â—Ź The moving coil is made of neodymium iron-boron magnet with 32ohm low resistance and 105dB high sensitivity.
â—Ź Unibody wire-control structure, integrated volume adjustment, music playback and call, etc., blind recognition is high.
â—Ź Can be used with a mobile phone, as well as with computers and any other music player with a Type-C port.

With Meizu EP2C, you don't have to pick a device, whether it's a mobile phone or a computer, music is within reach. The wire is not easy to entangle, convenient to store, easy to wear, can be played anytime, anywhere, making music ubiquitous and integrated into every step of life:

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