Remax TWS-5 - Enjoy A Quiet and Wonderful Selfless World

Remax TWS-5 - Enjoy A Quiet and Wonderful Selfless World

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Remax TWS-5 adopts hidden form earplugs, which effectively solves the troublesome situation of wired headsets. It is comfortable to wear and does not cause pressure on the ear canal. At the same time, it closely fits the ear canal and is not easy to fall during travel, business and sports. It supports binaural calls, plus high-definition noise reduction, delivers excellent sound quality during calls, achieves effective daily communication.

Product Features:
â—Ź Graphene full-frequency 6mm driver unit provides three-frequency balanced sound performance.
â—Ź Bluetooth 5.0 connection, wide compatibility, faster data transfer and more stable signal.
â—Ź Intelligent touch sensing, easy identification of commands.
â—Ź 200mAh split magnetic charging box, easy to access.
â—Ź Automatically connect and pair when picked up, easy to use.
â—Ź Soft and ergonomic silicone earbuds, comfortable to wear.

Put on the Remax TWS-5, let the outside pressure, noise, and unhappiness leave behind and enjoy the good times that belong to you alone: ... phone.html

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